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Residential Restoration Services

Water/Flood damage

A flooded basement presents hazards that require special precaustions. Floodwater may be highly contaminated with disease organisms from raw sewage and other pollutants that can pose a serious danger to health. Electrical systems, gas systems, and appliances may be affected by the flooding, creating the possibility of electirical shock or explosion. Ceiling and wall structures may be weakened by water damage to the point of danger. Mold and mildew resulting from the dampness may also cause health problems.

Flood and water damage cleanup services

  • Water Removal
  • Removal and extraction of standing water (clear water, mud, rainwater, and sewage).
  • Dry out
  • Drying building materials & personal belongings (wood floors, carpet, walls, ceiling).
  • Cleanup and restoration
  • Mold prevention (sanitizer) and repairs.
  • Anti Microbial Treatments

Fire/Smoke damage

  • Fire Cleanup
  • Removal of black soot, dust, extinguisher foam, and debris.
  • Odor Removal
  • Eliminating fire and smoke odors.
  • Restoration and Repairs
  • Rebuilding any damaged areas and putting your property back together.

Hail/Wind damage

While particularly relevant to non-coastal cities, hail can be quite destructive. Restore Pro Services has the ability to rectify any claim large or small, caused from hail.

Mold damage

Mold is a danger that is quite easily overlooked. Areas that have been effected by water damage are targeted for mold growth immediately, and should be addressed as quickly. However, mold can also grow in various places throughout your home where there is no physical sign of water. Any rooms that have an excessive amount of humidity or condensation are likely to see a development of mold. There are many types of mold, some of which can be harmful to you and your families health. Regardless of the type of mold that you may find in your home, it will need to be remedied as quickly as possible.

  • Mold Removal
  • Removal of molds from affected surfaces and materials.
  • Cleanup and Disinfection
  • Thorough disinfection with sanitizers (guaranteed to pass air-quality test).
  • Repairs
  • Restoring and putting your property back together.

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